Kroger Value Foam Plates. Never pay for busy pricing during our busiest delivery slots. 90% OF MY SHOPPING IS DONE @ KROGERS IN HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA & I DO REMEMBER BUYING THESE PLATES FROM THIS LOCATION MANY NUMBER OF TIMES. Fill prescriptions, save with 100s of digital coupons, get fuel points, cash checks, send money & more. Please add me. Get Unlimited Free Deliveries Shop for Kroger® Plastic Dinnerware Sets at Kroger. … Please add me. According to the Kroger class action lawsuit, Ambrose and other consumers would not have purchased the products if they were aware that they were not actually compostable. I HAVE PURCHASED THESE FOR FAMILY FUNCTIONS FOR A LEAST 4 YEARS, I’m very irritated about this. I have bought Kroger plates and bowls so many times at Kroger. I use these all the time with my grandkids for outside meals and treats. Please ad, I have been buying this for a very long time. Our family purchased these plates very often, especially for the children, and many parties. I bought paper plates and paper cups many times over the years. Placeholders.enable(); Purchase both plates and bowls for most holidays and picnics